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Python backend developer training

Start: 2024.05.14.
80 lessons

This training starts Python for beginners. You will become a Python software engineer creating individual desktop applications, and also learn how to work as back-end developer with Python and Django.

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Course description

While it was once only possible to develop software and desktop applications in the cumbersome
Java or C languages, today we have the much more user-friendly Python, which has conquered the world of IT at lightning speed for a reason.

The Django framework allows us to increase the speed of development and it also makes it easy to connect the program running on your computer to a web application.

By learning Python, Django and SQL database, you will become a software developer or even a backend web development specialist.

Module 1.: Python course

Python is a general-purpose, very high-level programming language which is becoming more and more popular in software development every year. The level of abstraction in this programming language is quite high, but despite this, and in fact because of it, the syntax of the language is probably the easiest of all the programming languages used for software development. Learning to code in Python takes a fraction of the time needed to learn coding C or Java. Our Python programming course will prepare you to use the program in general, to use Python as a back-end and finally to learn how to solve various practical problems with Python. Python programming is an essential part of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and is therefore classified as an advanced/modern programming language.

Curriculum of the Python class

Python – An introduction to the language Python – Installation and development environment Python – Variables, data types Python – Complex data types Python – Operations with strings Python – Basic operators Python – Cycles and conditions Python – Functions Python – Modules Python – Thread Handling Python – Error and exception handling Python – Object Oriented Develope Python – Database Management (Postgres) Python – Regular Expressions Version Management and Development Environment (Git and Docker)

Duration and Price

75 hours (13 weeks) + exam
payment Price: EUR 450
In case of monthly payment: 150 EURO x 3

Module 2.: SQL - Database Management course


Python is extremely popular wherever databases, statistics or statistical data extraction are involved.
To do this, of course, you need to know the structure and operation of relational and non-relational databases themselves. This knowledge is an almost essential addition to almost any programming language.


Introduction to database objects and Database design basics

SQL: DDL – Data Definition Language
SQL: DQL – Data Query Language
SQL: DML – Data Manipulation Language
SQL: Data Control Language (DCL)
SQL course module length:

Duration and Price

24 lessons (8 sessions, 1 month)
payment Price: EUR 200

Module 3.: Python desktop application development

Python UI: PySide6 - PyQt framework

Front-end of desktop application development

This framework and Library enables us to create a nice looking, user friendly interface for the program running on our platform. This results in our program being such that it can be comfortably used by anyone. Instead of the Tkinter interface taught in many other Python courses, we teach a solution that actually does this.

Python GUI
Using widgets:
– Buttons
– Layouts
– Widget Event Handling
– Scrollbars and sliders
– ChartsUsing Signal and Slot
Mouse operations and their handling
Menu and Toolbar
Drawing basics
Database management with PySide6
Project task

Duration and Price

24 lessons (8 sessions, 1 month)
payment Price: EUR 584

Module 4.: Django course

Django is a framework based on Python. Its advantages over native Python are its built-in high level of security, excellent scalability and the ability to implement complex back-end functionality much faster. It is no coincidence that the system behind PBS or Instagram also uses Django. Django is also popular with IT companies because it allows them to quickly build complex systems. In addition to the possibilities offered by the Django full-stack framework, this course will also give you an insight into the basics of using the Django Rest Framework. We will create an api generated by Django which can then be connected to any front-end without any problems. The DRF is very popular in Python back-end development because there are so many useful things developed for it – serializers, routers, etc. – that can speed up development significantly.

Django3 course details:
Django framework architecture 3rd party library – Django Rest Framework (DRF)
Django Router
Django Model
Django View
Django Templating

Duration and Price

48 lessons (8 weeks)
payment Price: 177.000 Ft

Prices and Lessons

Note: instead of the Django advanced training you can also choose the Data Engineer course as a supplement.
payment Price of full training: 1990 EURO
In case of monthly installments: 292 EURO x 7

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