Becoming a Full-stack web developer is the best decision for career changers

We have gathered some reasons why becoming a Full-stack web developer is the best decision for a career changer with only basic computer skills.


The economic circumstances of the past few years, which have had an impact on public life, work, and personal lives, have made it clear that only the online and IT sectors have not come to a standstill. Online and startup billionaires have become even wealthier. No wonder that most career changers and jobseekers are turning towards the IT sector. Within that, many want to get acquainted with programming. Most people may not even know what they want, perhaps to achieve a higher salary, a more stable job, or income through self-improvement.


We have gathered a few reasons why becoming a Full-stack web developer is the best choice for a career changer who possesses only basic computer skills. The alternative option for building a programming career is software development. Nevertheless, it might be a daunting task, regardless of which programming language we choose to start with.


  1. A significant difference, compared to software development, is that in web development, you learn the Front-end and Back-end separately before delving into dynamics.
  2. You see what you’re actually doing on the web page, not just whether the code runs or not. You can instantly check the results of your work. In front-end code, you can even interact with it directly from the browser. If there’s an error in the code, you can easily locate it.
  3. In the first 3 months of web development courses, you focus solely on coding, which consists of two descriptive languages: HTML allows you to describe the content of a webpage, while CSS manipulates how this content should look. During this time, you become accustomed to coding, typing, and using an integrated development environment (IDE). After mastering Front-end, everyone eagerly anticipates the continuation.  
  4. The good old PHP! The second module that a web developer needs to complete is the back-end. In this case, it involves the PHP programming language and the MySQL database. PHP is a perfect first programming language: it’s logical, its purpose and usage are clear. It’s easy to grasp the basics of programming, and it provides an adequate amount of challenge to progress to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).
  5. After mastering PHP programming, it becomes much easier to learn the JavaScript language, which is nowadays considered among the higher-level programming languages. In recent years, the importance of JavaScript has grown significantly. The otherwise simple syntax programming language has enriched itself with numerous new user interfaces, becoming indispensable. It is worth highlighting that Angular, React, and last but not least, Vue.js are all based on JavaScript.
  6. Software development courses are longer. While mastering full-stack programming takes a minimum of nine months, you can learn its individual components separately. Taking a few months break between the courses provides some time for the newly acquired knowledge to settle in.
  7. Everything is online! Online languages have been striving to dominate the field of software development for more than a decade. In addition to that, software development languages are undertaking online connectivity.
  8. Every program intends to transform into an app. Most of the new software programs are essentially an app or will become one soon. From the bat file to the operating system.


It is undeniable that, there are many talented individuals contemplating a career change, and some of them truly ‘calculate logarithms in their heads.’ For them, and for everyone else, the best decision is to take on an achievable challenge, namely becoming a full-stack web developer. After that, it is determined who will work in which sector, whether it is back-end or front-end. It depends on what is closer to one’s preferences and where they can get hired. Now, it is not a question of whether a well-trained entry-level full-stack web developer will be hired. Rather, the question is how long after the course’s final exam and with what amount of salary. There is such a shortage in the online sector that it attracts professionals from almost every other field.

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