html5 css2 online programming course

C# advanced course
with SQL database programming

Start: 16.05.2024
93 lessons

This is our advanced C# coding course for students already completed our basic course or learned the general C# programming somewhere else. 

This course exceeds what most universities teach in C# programming.

C# advanced coding course description

This course is from two parts. One part is about modern C# coding techologies, which ones are essential for an up-to-date C# developer, and so essential to get a new job in this area. 

The other part of the course is about the SQL database, and the usage of SQL in .net. This is a very important topic today, when everything is about DATA, how to structure it, how to process it and how to analyse it. 

What you’ll learn

This advanced course is available after you already know the basics of  C#, .net and Winforms.

1. C# interfaces

Their features

How to use them

2. Delegates

How they work, how to use

3. My events

Their creation and use

4. LINQ Lambda expressions

5. Dynamic Link Library (dll)

Their creation

Their use and benefits

6. Database management in .NET framework (SQL)

Management, creation and configuration

Accessing SQL server with C#

DataGridView and ListView components


SOLID principles 

7. Exam work (OOP beginner project)


8. Completion our game projekt.

Finalizing our Donkey Kong game using SQL and other learned technologies.

9. Final exam


The Advanced C# and SQL Programming course is 3 and a half months long and consists of 93 hours of training.

Advanced C# Course Fee and Length

The duration of the advanced C# course: 93 lessons, over 4 month (15 weeks of education and 2 weeks to prepare your home exam project)

payment Price: 1165 EURO

(In case of monthly installments: 330 EURO x 4)

Further Education

Now that you are pretty good at making a programs and connecting them to varius databases, it is time to learn how to create Web Applications and Mobile Applications with C#. We call this module: C# PRO.

C# is becoming increasingly important in web development. Using Xamarin, we will compile our C# code into an iOS or Android phone app.

1. WinForms Design 

Designing window elements

Create and implement custom elements

Optimize graphic elements and workflows

2. Multithreading 



Invoke method

3. Creating a mobile application

Introducing Xamarin Forms 

Crossplatform (Android, IOS)

Design elements

What to pay attention to in mobile development


4. Creating a web application with ASP.Net

Why is it good compared to other web technologies?

Building it, using it


How HTML, CSS and Javascript relate to ASP.Net

5. Version Tracking in Practice

Its role and benefits

Using Github


Price and lessons

The C# Pro course takes 48 hours, 2 months including exam.

Course fee: EUR 598

(or EUR 330x 2)

C# PRO Course

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