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Learn C# and .NET
C# basic coding course

Start: 15.05.2024
93 lessons

This course is for beginners. Topic and depth of the course covers the area most universities teach about programming in C# and using .net.

You will learn how to program in C#, but you’ll need further education to get a job with this knowledge.

Available languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Hungarian.

C# + . NET coding course description

The family of C programming languages is statistically the most important class of  languages as was found in in 2022, along with Java and Python, but C# is growing faster than each of them. It’s also known as one of the most matured and sophisticated programming languages.  These advantages will make it even more popular in the future.

Some common areas where the C# language is used:

  1. Windows desktop applications: C# is a popular choice for building Windows desktop applications such as tools, games and system utilities.

2. Web applications: C# can be used to build server-side web applications using the ASP.NET framework.

3. Mobile apps: C# can be used to develop native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows using frameworks such as Xamarin and Unity.

  1. Games: C# is often used to create games, especially for Windows and Xbox platforms.

5. Cloud applications: C# can be used to develop cloud-based applications using Azure and other cloud platforms.

6. Internet of Things (IoT) applications: the C# language can be used to build applications for IoT devices and systems.

Overall, C# is a versatile programming language that is widely used across industries and applications.

Topics / Curriculum of the course

1. Introduction to the .NET framework

2. Developer environment (Visual Studio)

Appearance analysis



3. Basic C# programming operations:

Operators (value passing, testing, logical)
Constants and variables
Array, matrix
Type conversions

4. First C# project and solution from the basics

Solution, Project concepts
Program categories
Base generated code
Using Console
Branches (if, switch)
Loops (while, do while, for, foreach)

5. Procedural programming

How it works

6. Sorting

Simple replacement


Minimum selection

7. Text file management, stock and text management

Read from file, write to file

Text functions

CSV handling

File management, folder management

8. Summary of what you have learned so far

Summary lesson
Questions and answers

9. Exam from the first part

Examination (mini project)

10. OOP programming in .NET framework

Objects (instances)
Unit closure
Data access
Code redevelopment
Real world model implementation

11. Object orientation in practice in C#

Creation and structure of the department

Visibility levels


12. The role of static class, method, variable in C# programming

Static class and its usage

Static elements and their usage


13. Advanced data structures



14. Windows Forms Application, .NET GUI

Using Winforms
Windows, dialogs
Custom windows
Dynamic components


Rewriting a Donkey Kong game in C#

During the beginner course, among other projects, we will work with students to create a Winforms GUI based game in C#, the classical Donkey Kong’s demo.

15. Extensions

Type extension
Method override

16. Abstract and closed classes


17. SOLID principle and exce
ption handling

Runtime errors avoidance

Own exception handling

Adherence to programming principle

Further education

Once you completed this course, we strongly recommend to continue on our advanced class. Only the advanced class gives you the depth of knowledge you’ll need to get a job as C# developer.

Price and lenghth of the Course

The duration of the course: 93 lessons, over 4 month (15 weeks of education and 2 weeks to prepare your home exam project)

payment Price: 1165 EURO

(In case of monthly installments: 330 EURO x 4)

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