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No previous studies or strong mathematical skills are required! You should have some level of English, be a confident computer user and be motivated to learn.This is what allows you to complete the course so quickly.

Our method is unique in the market, as we have adopted the teaching method of international air traffic controllers. The essence of this is the continuous testing and checking of the delivered training material by our teachers for this live course . It is not possible for someone to complete the course and still not know how to program.

When compliting the course you’ll get a certificate from Froggycode.  But this is not like a certificate from a university or equivalent accredited course. Accredited courses are usually much longer and much more expensive than ours, but it does not give you any more practical knowledge. IT companies don’t look at what paper you have! You are given a test task and if you can do it, they will hire you.

Almost anyone can take part in a web development course, we have successfully graduated students over the age of 50. Boys and girls over the age of 16 can apply. There is a small test that applicants must take and pass in order to participate. It’s in your interest to ensure that it is within your capability to complete the course.

In our opinion, it is completely subjective how much time someone can complete an assignment at home. However, we have found that homework takes on average 4 hours per week. We suggest that this should be the minimum amount of time that a student should spend weekly for his/her own development to master the basics of programming.

As one of the founders of our company has 14 years of experience in the recruitment industry, we have good contacts with IT headhunters. One of the reasons why you should chooseFroggycode is that, if you want, we can help you find a job.  If requested, we will continuously recommend you to headhunters and employers. In our experience, our graduates are always successfully employed within three months of completing their course, and some before the end of the course.

The teaching sessions start at 17:00 (5 pm) in GMT, which is 18:00 (6 pm) in CET.  This is for the weekdays, twice a week. The lessons finish at GMT 7.30pm or CET 20:30.

The saturday courses start at 9:00 in the morning, and with an hour of lunchbreak they finish at 15:00 (3 am) GMT. In Central-European Time this means  from 10h to 16h every saturday.

We support all forms of self-development, but our training is essentially practical. Our aim is to provide knowledge that is ready to use and immediately applicable, and we provide the learning materials. 

Our entire courses are online including exam. Students can log in from wherever they want. 

At Froggycode, we have made sure that teachers are not specifically computer science teachers, who may be teaching partly obsolete skills. Instead, our instructors are now practicing developers, programmers and webdesigners, who are currently making a living from this knowledge in the private sector.

Yes, you can pay monthly. Our 3 month courses are payable in three installments. The full web programming course is 10 months long and can be paid in 10 installments. However, a 5% administration fee will be charged for payment in installments.

At Froggycode, the exam fee is already included in the price and there are no hidden costs.

We only teach what makes practical sense. We don’t teach unnecessary frills, knowledge that is outdated on the market, and we only teach theory to the extent that it is necessary for the job. That’s how we keep our course hours and our prices low. In addition, we are exempt from VAT, so we do not have to pay VAT to our students.

Absolutely! After the three-module training (front-end, back-end, Javascript) you will have the knowledge to independently create modern websites that can meet all desired requirements.  Also, you will be able to work as part of a web development team.

Good news: every class is recorded and can be watched on our private YouTube channel. In addition, for those who have not missed a lesson but still feel to be at a disadvantage, we can arrange a personalized session with the teacher free of charge (per course).

You can find out when the next course starts on the course pages, right at the top of the page. The full web development training starts with the front-end, and there is a front-end course almost every month.

We regularly run web development courses on Saturdays. Unlike the other classes, these are held once a week on Saturdays: From 9:30am to 12pm we run 3 lessons, followed by  a long lunch break and then from 1pm to 3:30 pm we hold 3 more lessons.

We simply use Zoom for this. In a Zoom session the teacher can share his screen, but the students can also share their screen in case they stuck, also they can send back their code in private messages. The last few years,  whole web development amd software coding classes have successfully completed online. However, it is important to note that the online classes are also offered at fixed times for the whole group, so you should still be free during these times. You should also ensure that you are not disturbed during these times.

Yes, from September 2021, we started teaching Python, a programming language that can be used to create desktop applications. From January 2023, the other two most popular programming languages in software developing, Java and C#, also became available at Froggycode from professional developers.  However, these programming languages take longer to master, which is why our full software programming training courses are 9 months long.  

With the exception of the Android course, no extra hardware is needed, an old desktop will run perfectly fine. To participate in the online course you need to have Zoom installed, and we also use a utility called Brackets to facilitate coding. Another popular similar utility is vscode (Visual Studio
Code), which is worth installing. For the other courses you will need additional programs, but installing these is part of the course. For online courses it is useful (but not essential) to have a second monitor set up, so you can watch the teacher and his code on one screen and write your own code on the other.

You can pay by bank transfer in exchange for an invoice, paypal, or credit card  using a secure payment gateway.

You can’t give us your card details and set up an automatic deduction of monthly installments.

Our prices are in EURO, but we fully accept GBP, USD, CAD and HUF as well. The fee in these currencies will be calculated by daily official rates.

Sure, you will be able to do everything on a MacBook. You have two things to do.
1. Before the course, check where the special characters are on the keyboard.
For example, you won’t have time to look up the characters in class, so stick them on your keyboard or make your own keyboard combinations for them in the preferences.
2. If you install any software in class, which is very rare, tell the instructor that you’re on a Mac.