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Front-end Web Developer Training

Start: 24.09.2024
250 lessons
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Our teaching method is based on continuous monitoring, therefore the learner’s knowledge is under continuous evaluation. This is necessary in order to be absolutely sure that you will 100% understand and follow the consecutive lessons each building on the previous one and thus enabling you to successfully complete the training and the final exam.

timezoneEDT+1 time zone: 18:00-20:30

Front-end developer coding course description

Programming what the users see is what this three-module training is all about. Front-end developers are responsible for programming the look and feel of websites and applications, the interface through which users interact with us.

Module 1.: HTML - CSS - jQuery

For the first module, we will start by learning about HTML programming*, the foundation of everything. Then CSS which is essential for responsiveness, after which we will kick-start website development with Bootstrap. Lastly, we will look into programming by learning about jQuery.

HTML+CSS, JS basics + jQuery, Bootstrap

Duration and Price

75 hours (13 weeks) + exam

payment Price: EUR 798

In case of monthly payment: 299 EURO x 3


Module 2.: JavaScript course

from JavaScript basics to TypeScript

In the second module, we’ll learn about JavaScript, now a real programming language, an essential part of web development today.  AJAX queries and lots of other goodies that can be launched from just a browser window. In the last one month, we will learn coding in Typescript as well.

(We will not learn back-end JavaScript as part of this training, but students can enroll for this as an extra) 

TypeScript is a variant or extension of JavaScript. It is also the foundation for learning any JS-based framework.

JavaScript (OOP) coding course
Front-end site only!
+ TypeScript coding with OOP approach

Duration and Price

100lessons (4 month)

payment Price: EUR 1175

Module 3.: JS Frameworks

In the fourth module you will learn how to code in a high-level JavaScript framework. Here you can choose between three of the most popular frameworks: Vue.js (3 months), React developer (3 months) and Angular developer (3 months).  With this knowledge you will become a front-end programming specialist.

Choice of JS frameworks:

  • React JavaScript framework
  • Vue.js programming
  • Angular programming

Duration and Price

75 lessons (13 weeks)

payment Price: 875 EUR

Find out if you have the skills for the programming profession!


By signing up for the 3 modules together, you get a significantly better price than for each course separately!

You can also add a shorter 6-week Ionic course to the 3-module training, which will enable you to turn your existing web program into a mobile application running on both Android and iOS.


* There is no such thing as an HTML programmer. HTML is a descriptive language that defines the content of a web page (text, images…). CSS describes how the content should look when run on different devices.

Prices and Lessons

For detailed curriculum click on the course names.

Price of the three courses together:

payment Price of full training: 2570 EURO

In case of monthly installments: 290 EURO x 10 months

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