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Full-stack web developer training

Start: 25.09.2024.
250 lessons

A full-stack developer has a comprehensive knowledge of both front-end and back-end programming. This type of developer is quite versatile and can be  entrusted with creating an entire website. Full-stack web development training course consists of four separate modules, which can be booked separately. However, to build a real website that meets modern standards, you will need to know all of the four modules below.

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Full-stack Coding Course Description

4 separate modules

For the first module, we will  learn about HTML programming*, which is the foundation of web development. Next we will learn CSS, which is essential for responsiveness. After this,  we will kick-start the website development with Bootstrap.  Lastly, we will dive into programming with an introduction to jQuery.

The second module is about back-end programming. As well as learning the PHP programming language, we will also get a thorough grounding in the use of MySQL databases. This is extremely important, as it contains the tools that we use to store data about users or show them data from our database. Moreover, knowing PHP is the easiest way to get a job in IT!

In the third module, we will learn about JavaScript, a very widely used programming language for the web. Almost everything that changes dynamically on a web page without refreshing the page uses JavaScript. Today, in the age of web applications, knowledge of JavaScript programming is indispensable.

Lastly, in the fourth module, we will learn about TypeScript, a modern version of JavaScript that enables large and complex systems to be developed and allows multiple developers to collaborate effectively and implement a feature with greater speed.


By signing up for 4 modules together, you will get a significantly better price than for each course separately!

Modules 2 and 3 are interchangeable, meaning that it does not matter which one you choose first.

* There is no HTML programmer. HTML is a descriptive language that defines the content of a web page (text, images…). CSS describes how the content should look when run on different devices.

Front-end web development

(HTML+CSS, JS basics+jQuery, Bootstrap)


Duration and Price

72 hours + 8 lessons (12 weeks)  include exam

payment Price: 798 EURO

 In case of monthly payment: 299 EURO x 3


 back-end web development

MySQL Database developer

Duration and Price


Duration: 75 lessons (3 months) exclude exam

payment Price: 871 EURO

Javascript (frontend side)


Duration and Price

75 lessons (3 months) exclude exam

payment Price: 875 EURO

TypeScript programming

TS modules and TS libraries

Duration and Price


24 lessons (1 month)

payment Price: 330 EURO

The combined (discounted) price

The modules combined are for a discounted fee compared to the fee of each course.

payment Price of full training: 2570 EURO

In case of monthly installments: 330 EURO x 10 months

   250 lessons (10 month) + exams

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