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Laravel and Docker coding course

Start: 17.09.2024
48 lessons
Need to know: PHP, and OOP

Once you have mastered the basics of PHP, it is worth getting to know the best PHP framework on the planet, Laravel.

Laravel coding course description

Experience has shown that employers also prefer PHP developers who know Laravel. For a reason! Since Laravel speeds up everything that is cumbersome and lengthy in back-end programming,  getting to know this framework in depth is extremely helpful (more info on Laravel here).

Laravel + Docker course topics:

1, How MVC frameworks work, Laravel and how to install the required software. XAMPP. An overview of a laravel project.

2, Configurations (config, composer.json, .env). Routing, Namespaces, Controllers. HTTP testing.

3, Models, classes, database schemas, migration files.

4, Blade template language, views.

5, Building a working Model – View – Controller (MVC) architecture.

6, Forms, validation, redirect.

7, Replication of previous, Middlewares, Authentication and git.


8, Assets, build creation, using webmix

9, Model relationships, derivation.

10, Third party package management (composer, package.json, node, npm).

11, Vue.js and Laravel API, Laravel permissions.

12, Axios, which is the most popular solution for ajax calls at the moment

Ongoing: Webshop project implementation (without payment gateway)

+1 Exam

Course information

The course is held on weekdays, after working hours, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., or on Saturdays duringthe day. You can participate on the course completely online. This means 3 lessons (45’) on one occasion,twice a week. Two of the three lessons are about education, and the third is about solving practical tasks together and testing the acquired knowledge.

More information

The duration of the Laravel and Docker coding course: 42 lessons, over 8 weeks (+ exam)

payment Price: 630 EURO

(In case of monthly installments: 350 EURO x 2)

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