html5 css2 online programming course

Frontend developer (HTML CSS jQuery Bootstrap) coding course

Start: 2024.05.15.
80 lessons

Our Full stack course is for beginner. This is a practice heavy based developer course.

Coding course description

In the first module students learn the basics of webdesign. Learning HTML coding is essential in today’s online world. Knowing at least the basics is absolutely necessary to create any simple website, but HTML is the foundation of complex and dynamic websites as well.

CSS defines the style of the webpage, so in order to create unique and appealing websites, which are in addition responsive – i.e. they can be enjoyed on smartphones and tablets as well – beside HTML you need CSS.

However, the HTML language is a relatively static system, so if we want things to move and something to “happen” on our website, JavaScript or jQuery coding languages are required.

JavaScript is a rapidly evolving programming language, the way of the future. With the help of jQuery we can create spectacular animations and tools on our website without actually having to learn to code.

And in the end, we speed up webdesign and enhance the user experience even further with an easy-to-learn, free-to-use framework (Bootstrap)

What you’ll learn

1. HTML 5 coding

HTML introduction, structure
HTML instructions. HTML basics.
Css links
Creating images, tables, lists
Creating blocks, classes, ids, forms
New features of HTML 5
HTML 5 graphics and media

2. CSS 3

Responsiveness (mobile compatibility)
Placement, positions
Manage colors, backgrounds, frames and shadows
Formatting of texts
Creating menu items
Image transformations


3. How to create an impressive and responsive website with Bootstrap

How to use Bootstrap
Grid system
Images, tables, buttons and labels

4.  JavaScript / jQuery basics

Basics of coding: variables, operators, control Structures, functions and objects
jQuery implementation, setup, jQ selectors
jQ animations
jQuery UI widgets
Loading separate jQ modules

5. Web development in 2023

Body sub-blocks
CSS animations
CSS Grid
Linking Front-end with dynamic content

6. Additional lessons for web developers

Web analytics
Web design basics
Cpanel and FTP
Command Prompt

Course information

The course is held on weekdays, after working hours, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., or on Saturdays duringthe day. You can participate on the course completely online. This means 3 lessons (45’) on one occasion,twice a week. Two of the three lessons are about education, and the third is about solving practical tasks together and testing the acquired knowledge.

More information

The duration of the front-end course: 80 lessons, over 13 weeks (72 live lessons including the exam + 8 additional lessons that can be downloaded)
payment Price: 450 EURO
(In case of monthly installments: 159 EURO x 3)

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