html5 css2 online programming course

Vue.js coding course

Start: 07.09.2024
75 lessons +exam
Need to know html,css, js, typecript

Vue.js is arguably the one of the most popular front-end framework worldwide.

Its big advantage is that the modules are built on top of each other,  so it is nice and easy to learn. Like all frameworks, it is bound by rules, but that’s why it is easier to work on a specific task or collaborate with other Vue.js developers. Compared to other Javascript-based frameworks, Vue.js is the most efficient for building simple to moderately complex web applications.

Vue.js coding course description

Vue.js is one of the most widely used modern JavaScript frameworks. It’s well documented, easy to learn and it allows code to be well organised, maintained and tested.  It is versatile, fast and capable of high performance. Therefore, it is well suited for both simple and complex tasks, and also for developing large-scale, complex systems.

This course introduces the framework through the most popular v2 version of Vue.js which is currently in use.

What you’ll learn

Upgrade, foundation

Refresh existing knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, acquire basic knowledge of version control (Git).

“Hello World!” Getting to know the Vue.js framework.

Introduction to using the SCSS (SASS) CSS preprocessor and language extension.

Introduction and setup of developer tools and environment (Vue DevTools, Vue CLI) and some useful libraries (Axios, Lodash).

The Vue.js v2 framework

The Vue. js v2 framework (installation, Vue instance creation, data, methods and lifecycle, reactivity, template syntax, single-file components, computed properties and watchers, class and style binding, conditional rendering and nesting, event handling, data bindings, component creation and registration, custom attributes and events, insertion points, dynamic and asynchronous components, transitions and animations, mixins, custom directives, render functions, plugins, filters, server-side rendering, testing, security).

Quasar, a framework based on Vue.js

An introduction to using the full ecosystem and rich component set provided by the Quasar framework.       


Key extensions

An introduction to the plug-ins used for centralised state and data management (Vuex), routing (Vue Router) and internationalisation (Vue I18n).


Insight into Vue 3

An overview of what’s new in Vue 3 (composition API, teleport, multi-root components, emit component option, advanced selectors) and changes that affect backwards compatibility.

Course information

The course is held on weekdays, after working hours, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., or on Saturdays duringthe day. You can participate on the course completely online. This means 3 lessons (45’) on one occasion,twice a week. Two of the three lessons are about education, and the third is about solving practical tasks together and testing the acquired knowledge.

More information

The duration of the Vue.js coding course: 75 lessons, over 13 weeks (75 live lessons exclude the exam)

payment Price: 875 EURO

(In case of monthly installments: 330 EURO x 3)

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