Why choose us?

We have what you need to learn coding.

We have been testing our methods and themes for 8 years. We are constantly adapting to current needs in order to deliver coding courses that can provide real and currently valuable knowledge.


1. You get hands-on training

According to FroggyCode’s philosophy, the most important objective is passing on the acquired knowledge. In order to reach this goal, our coding classes sets a sufficient challenge for those who are eager to learn. The method and thematics of our trainings were determined by one goal: to provide active and practical knowledge that can really be used to get a job or to start an own business.

2. You can learn how to code while working full-time

You don’t have to move back in with your parents for months just because you’re going back to school. At FroggyCode School, the coding courses are held on weekdays, after working hours, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., so if you are tough enough, you can complete them while working full-time.

3. We help you get a job

It is very important for us as well, that after having completed the course, our students become a fully-fledged workforce. If our students agree, we would like to recommend their work to our partners. If they start their own business, we gladly recommend their product in Facebook groups with tens of thousands of members.

You need more good reasons?

4. We teach in small groups

Unlike many other schools providing IT courses, we teach in small groups of only 8. Therefore, we have time to deal with every student and everyone’s questions will be answered.

5. Excellent teachers

We have deliberately asked not teachers to deliver the courses, but professionals who are themselves coding specialists in every day life.

6. Speed

You can complete the training modules very quickly, in 2-3 months, yet the usefulness of the acquired knowledge comparable to that of a longer IT training or of a two-year vocational training.

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Learn python - live online- froggycode

"At FroggyCode, we believe that ..

the time and attention spent improving one's skills pays off. It’s never too late to learn a new trade. We are convinced that anyone who is interested in programming and motivated to learn can complete our IT courses. "