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Django coding course

Start: 23.05.2024
48 lessons

Our Django coding course is for people already know to code in Python. This is a practice based developer course.

Django coding course description

Django is a framework based on Python. Its advantages over native Python include the high level of security already built in, excellent scalability and the ability to implement complex back-end functionality much faster than Python by taking advantage of the framework’s capabilities. This is why the system behind PBS or Instagram also uses Django. Django is also popular among IT companies because it helps them quickly develop complex systems.

The course consists of 2 parts:

In 2/3 of the course, we will learn the basic functionality, file structure and built-in features of the Django framework through a static, full stack – Database, Backend APIs and project task.

In the remaining time of the course we will learn the basics of using the Django Rest Framework to develop REST APIs.

The DRF is very popular in Python backend development because there are so many useful things that can be produced by it  –  serializers, routers, etc – that can speed up development significantly.

Django programming course topics:

Django 3 framework structure

Django 3 framework, installation, requirements

Using Django CLI

Creating your first Django App with CLI

Django Structure Introduction: Model View Template (almost MVC)


Introducing the soul of Django


Django Router

Using URLs
Using Simple Router

Django Model  

What is a model for?

Database basics: keys, constraints, relationships between tables: many-to-many relation,

one-to-many relation, one-to-one relation

Django migration

Django View

What is a view? The importance of serialization, deserialization

Function Based Views
Class Based Views
View vs Viewsets
CRUD example

Django Templating

Static file handling
Django Admin page

HTML + CSS location (not an organic part of the Django course, since backend, RestAPI usage is the goal)


3rd party library – Django Rest Framework (DRF)

RestAPI introduction:

RestAPI theory

Django and RestAPI

DRF Serializer

Introduction to Permission Handling

DRF ordering, pagination, filtering

Using Postman


Course information

The course is held on weekdays, after working hours, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., or on Saturdays duringthe day. You can participate on the course completely online. This means 3 lessons (45’) on one occasion, twice a week. Two of the three lessons are about education, and the third is about solving practical tasks together and testing the acquired knowledge.

Prices and Lessons

The duration of the Django coding course: 48 lessons, 8 weeks.

payment Price: 598 EURO

In case of monthly installments: 340 EURO x 2 months

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